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WatchDog Security University

  • Streamlined Continuous Training
  • Tailored Security Awareness Training
  • Quick and Efficient Micro-Training Courses
  • Microsoft 365/Google Workspace Best Practice Training

Bridging the gap between technology and human error, WatchDog Security University

Businesses need awareness training to keep staff informed with the latest threats and best practices to prevent breaches. Deceptive emails, weak passwords, accidental leakage of sensitive data are just some of the ways employees can contribute to a cyber-attack. This is why it is critical to invest in awareness training for your workforce. Simply investing in security tools is only half the battle; your employees need to be professionally trained on the security tools provided so to maximize their effectiveness. This is why WatchDog Security University provides customized micro-learning courses on your arsenal of security tools to ensure proper employee usage with best security practices in mind.
Tailored Awareness Training
WatchDog Security Customers will receive tailorized training to protect their organization in any situation. Not only are users trained on specific attacks, but they are also trained on best practices to take in a real breach.
Streamlined Onboarding
New members joining the organization need to be on the same page as their colleges with the company’s cyber security initiatives. With WatchDog Security we streamline the onboarding process into micro courses to help bring any new employee up to speed.
Platform Tutorials
Adding new solutions to your organizations pipeline can be intimidating, so we decided to develop platform specific tutorials on your most used software suites to let everyone leverage the most out of WatchDog Security.
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