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Email Firewall

  • Anti-spam filtering
  • Antivirus and Anti phishing protection
  • URL Protection
  • Account takeover prevention
  • Zero-Day Threat Detection
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Phishing remains a dominant cyber threat in 2023, with

Businesses need to prioritize email security to safeguard themselves against the growing risk of phishing attacks. Deceptive emails often lead to data breaches, making it necessary to invest in robust email security measures. This helps protect sensitive information, avoid financial losses, and preserve the reputation of your business. With WatchDog Security, you can be confident that your email communications are secure. Don't leave your business exposed to cyber threats - act today to ensure its safety.
Email Firewall
Protect Incoming, and outgoing messages from phishing and malware with AI-Powered Anti-Phishing and Antivirus detection engines. Put an end to spam emails with Anti-Spam Filtering.
URL Protection
Stop attacks in their tracks with URL Protection Detection Engine. With this Detection Engine, all URLs are analyzed in a sandbox environment to determine if they are safe to access.
Anomaly Detection
With the Anomaly Detection Engine, users can protect account compromise in its tracks. With Geolocation monitoring, WatchDog Security can proactively monitor for any IoCs and temporarily disable the user’s ability to sign in.
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