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Telecommunications companies are at the forefront of new technology, providing essential connectivity and communication services to businesses and individuals worldwide. The rapid growth of this industry brings along unprecedented cybersecurity challenges. At WatchDog Security, we understand the unique security needs of the telecommunications sector. We’ve created a comprehensive MSSP solution to safeguard your network infrastructure, protect sensitive data, and ensure uninterrupted service for your customers.

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Access & Identity Protection

Human Risk Monitoring

Zero-Trust Password Manager


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Recommended Products

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Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

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Email Firewall

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Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)

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Real-World Phishing

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Zero-Trust Password Manager

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

WatchDog Security Managed Backup solutions ensures your on-prem and cloud workloads are protected and continuously backed up. With off-site storage, feel confident that your workloads can be recovered in any cyber incident scenario. WatchDog Security provides File-Level and Image Level backup technologies as well as following the 3-2-1 backup rule to increase the chances of successful data recovery.

Email Firewall

Designed to safeguard organizations from email threats, the most common attacks vector used by cybercriminals today. Our email security solution works in tandem with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace to detect as well as prevent email threats including phishing, malware, and other anomalies.

Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)

The foundation for unified enterprise security. WatchDog Security partners with leading Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) Providers to protect your assets by offering autonomous prevention, detection, and response across solution areas, including endpoint, cloud workloads, identity, network-connected devices, and beyond. Feel at ease knowing your workflows are safe.

Real-World Phishing

Our Real-World Phishing Simulations test your staff against the latest phishing techniques used to compromise enterprises. With the 205% increase in credential phishing attempts (TrendMicro) and humans representing the greatest threat to organizations, the question is not if you will be targeted by Cyber Criminals but rather when. WatchDog Security provides tailorized phishing simulations crafted by Red Team Professionals to prepare staff against sophisticated targeted attacks.

Zero-Trust Password Manager

WatchDog Security partners with an industry leading 3rd Party Password Management solution which follows the most advanced standards in password management, empowering users to take control of their digital identities. Our solution ensures maximum privacy and protection by employing advanced encryption, multi-factor authentication, and decentralized storage.

Our Packages




Cost-Effective Cybersecurity
Identify high risk employees 
with Human Risk Monitoring
Phishing, Malware, and Anomaly Protection
Zero-Trust Password Manager for SaaS Protection
Real World Phishing Assessments
Access to WatchDog Security Univerity
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Robust protection against prevalent threats, focusing on phishing attacks and weak/leaked credentials.
Protect your employees digital Identity with WatchDog Security MSSP




Elevated Digital Protection
Get all features in WatchDog Security Essentials and more!
Detect File, File-less threats and Ransomware threats with EDR
Automated Workstation Hardening Auditing
Identify Vulnerable Device with Device Risk Monitoring
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Industry-agnostic solutions to protection against present and future threats,
Secure every click with our MSSP and cybersecurity expertise.




Entensive MSSP Coverage
Get all features in WatchDog Security Business and more!
DNS Firewall Network Protection
Extended Endpoint Monitoring with MDR and 24/7 SOC services
DLP coverage across common communication channels.
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Elevate the cyber defence of Small to Medium-Sized Enterprises
Secure your digital world with our powerful MSSP solutions.
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Server Protection

Cloud/On-Prem Protection
Centralized SOC with human-lead monitoring/ response
Hardening in accordance with CIS Security and NIST Standards
Daily File/OS level backups in accordance with the 3-2-1 backup.
Off-site application and server log retention.
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Protect against the
ever-changing threat landscape.
Utilizing cutting-edge tech and industry best practices
Get unparalleled insights for securing your digital world with our MSSP services
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